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Runco Home Theater Products

Interior Technologies is proud to be a factory trained, 100% Certified dealer for the custom design and install of Runco projectors and displays. Runco, manufacturer of the world’s finest home theater products is a display technology company primarily known for its long and storied history in the residential home theater projector business. While Interior Technologies offers the entire line of Runco products we specialize in Home and Commercial Theater projection systems.


LightStyle Series:

Runco LightStyle LS-5 Projector

Runco is well known for producing the finest projectors in the audio video industry which make the best images for the most luxirous home theaters. In recent years, Runco has brought their significant expertise and experience to their new Lightstyle line of Home Theater projectors. The Runco LightStyle projectors are designed to produce amazing results at a variety of budgets. Interior Technologies has embraced the LightStyle line as one of our favorites. The Runco LightStyle LS-3 is an affordable single-chp, DLP Home Theater Projector that can produce an amazingly crisp and clear Full HD 1080p images on a screen up to 96″. The Runco LightStyle LS-5 increases light output for larger screens up to 120″. The Runco LS-10 is a technology miracle and one of our favorites. The Runco LS-10 is a 3-Chip 1080P Full HD projector with an incredible amount of light output in a relatively small, lightweight and quiet package. The amazing Runco LS-10 Home Theater Projector excels at not only producing images with incredible color range and depth but can also create extremely impressive results even with low level room lights on! Interior Technologies features the Runco LS-10 in our by appointment only Demonstration Home’s Dedicated Theater. The Runco LS-10 does such an impressive job that Clients have often wondered if the 110″ screen is actually a giant flat panel display and are amazed to discover it is a projector.


Quantum Color LED Series:

Runco Q750 Projector

Runco has also introduced their ground breaking Quantum Color LED Series Projectors. The Runco Q-750 is a marvel of modern engineering technology. With the ability to produce a huge range of colors and its lampless architecture, the Runco Q-750 runs quiet, cool and for years and years. The truest blacks and the richest, deepest, most saturated colors make the Runco Q-750 and the entire line of Runco LED projectors a pleasure for Interior Technologies to offer and a delight for our clients to enjoy.


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