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Sonos Wireless Music System

Interior Technologies is proud to be a factory-trained, 100% Certified Dealer for the the custom design and install of Sonos Wireless HiFi Music Systems.  Sonos offers a complete line of wireless music components and systems that set the standard for the entire industry.  Sonos enables Interior Technologies to offer our clients amazing sound with rock solid wireless connectivity.  Together, Interior Technologies and Sonos offer you all the music on earth.  In every room.  Wirelessly.


The System:

The Sonos Wireless Music System is as simple and elegant as it is powerful and reliable.  From All-In-One Wireless Speakers such as the Play:3, Play:5 and the amazing PLAYBAR to wireless components including the Sub, the Connect:Amp and the Connect, Sonos has a solution that brings high fidelity audio anywhere you want it.  Sonos connects to your existing home network either via wire or wirelessly with the Sonos Bridge.  With the Connect: Amp you just add speakers.  The PLAYBAR sits or hangs above or below your TV and creates epic full-theater sound using a sophisticated 9-speaker design, angled tweaters and Class D amplifiers. Regardless of the room, there’s a Sonos solution that allows you to stream all the music on earth, right to you.

 The Music:

Sonos Playbar

Want to listen to 100,000 AM and FM Radio Stations on Earth from tunein? How about SiriusXM internet Radio, Spotify, MOG, Rhapsody or Pandora?  Maybe you have your own music collection stored in iTunes or the Amazon Cloud Player?  The list goes on and on from to iHearRadio, to rdio.  Almost every music format imaginable is supported including Apple Lossless, MP3, WAV, FLAC, WMA and many more.  You can even use the iPad, iPod or iPhone you are controlling the system with as the music source itself!  The most amazing part? Sonos is constantly adding new services and sources that become available to you automatically through software updates that download right to your system.


The Control:

Often imitated, never duplicated, The Sonos control interface is as ground breaking, sleek and beautiful as it is easyThe Sonos User Interface and Controls to operate.  Whether you prefer an iPad, iPhone, Android device, Mac or PC, there’s a Sonos App for that.   The Sonos drag and drop interface makes it quick and easy to select music from any source, mix it together and even save it off as a Playlist for you or someone else to access.  Sonos allows all rooms on the system to listen to the same music at the same time or every room to listen to different music simultaneously.  With the amazing rooms feature you can join rooms together to create party groups or special areas of your house.  Keep your iPad or your phone by your bed and Sonos becomes the most functional, easy-to-set Alarm clock you’ll ever own.  The Sonos control lets you wirelessly manage all of your music, create playlists from anywhere in your home, organize everything you listen to in one place and individually control the volume in every room.  Take Control of your music with Sonos.


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