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DirecTV adds Nomad – watch recorded shows anywhere

By Interior Technologies

Posted on Oct 26, 2011

El Segundo – While DirecTV is in our opinion one of the best choices for home television service, and they recently updated their iPad app to allow live viewing of selected channels, like many providers, they do not offer the ability to stream recorded shows to your mobile device.  But now, they do offer an interesting alternative.

DirecTV nomad

The nomad.  It’s a small box that connects to your home network and allows up to 20 hours (more with an external usb hard drive) of recorded HD programs to be transferred from your DirecTV DVR to  your PC, iPod Touch and iPhone.  Apps for iPad, Mac, PC and Android are listed as coming soon.

Nomad will sync shows with up to 5 computers/mobile devices for you to take on the go or use your device as an extra place to watch in your home.  It also supports parental controls and auto pushes your recorded shows to your devices based on a schedule and priority you set.

The nomad has a one time fee of $149 from DirecTV and can be ordered from their website by logging in to your account.  It requires you to have a DirecTV Plus HD DVR (HR20 or later) and you must have Wifi in your home.  As it does not stream, it does not require an internet connection to view shows but it does require that your DVR be connected to the internet.

Nomad will require a little home setup and configuration.  DirecTV has instructional videos and tech support to help.  Of course, if you would like our assistance, we are always here for you.  Please do not hesitate to Contact Us to set up installation.

If you try out nomad, let us know what you think on Facebook.

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