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iOS7 Audio Video App Compatability

By Interior Technologies

Posted on Sep 19, 2013


On Wednesday September 18, Apple released the latest version of their operating system for iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch: iOS7.  Regardless of whether you love or hate or could care lessiOS& about the significant design and interface changes, if you own an Interior Technologies’ Audio, Video or Automation System some of the apps you use on your devices everyday may require an update to function as they previously did or at all.  We’ll keep a running list below, so please check back often.


Savant: Compatible: Official.

Always an Apple orientated industry leader, Savant’s iOS App was updated for iOS7 and released nearly a week before iOS7 itself was released.  Just update to the latest app and you will be good to go.  An update for your Savant System itself is not required.

Control 4: Compatible: Unofficial.

No official word yet, but based on some quick testing and consulting with our friends in the industry, Control4 appears to be iOS7 compatible.

Lutron: Compatible: Unofficial.

No official word yet, but based on internal testing, the Lutron App appears to be iOS7 compatible.

Sonos: NOT COMPATIBLE.   Official.

Here’s the official Sonos update for 9/18/13:

We aim to provide our customers with the best Controller and software experience possible. Unfortunately, we have encountered some issues related to the Sonos Controller for iPhone and iPad and the final, released version of iOS 7.We are planning to release an update for your Sonos Controller for iPhone and iPad near the end of the month that addresses these issues. We ask that you take this into consideration before updating your devices to iOS 7.

If you already updated your device to iOS 7 expect potential challenges. While setting up Sonos, a new Sonos component or when discarding your alarm the app could close unexpectedly. Text might not be displayed fully on your iPad screen and there might be a minor user interface issue with your play/pause button.

Security DVR: WirePath.  NOT COMPATIBLE.  Official.

Here’s the official WirePath Statement:
On September 18, 2013, Apple released iOS7 – a significant update to its iOS. Unfortunately, the final released version of iOS7 is causing issues related to our Wirepath Surveillance Analog DVR apps (WPS-DVR and WPS-DVR-HD), resulting in them unexpectedly closing upon use. Based on our testing, we have not experienced any issues with our IP Surveillance apps.
We will release an update for the WPS-DVR apps for both iPhone and iPad by the end of September. It’s currently in the final stages of testing and will be posted to the App Store as quickly as possible.

Crestron: Unknown.

No Word Yet.

NuVO: Compatible: Unofficial.

9/19 – Update:  Just heard from a dedicated Interior Technologies client that they have upgraded to iOS7 and their Nuvo app seems to be working well. Thanks MM for the feedback!


Check back often as we will update this page with new information on the apps listed and with new app compatibility information as we receive it and/or complete testing.

As always, if you have any questions about how the iOS7 update may affect your ability to use your system, please Contact US.

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