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What is Access Control?

A system of intercoms, doorbells, keypads and electronic locks to prevent unauthorized access to property.

  • Driveway Intercoms
  • Programmable keypads at entry points
  • Telephone based systems ring in the house or on cell
  • Secure specific areas – closets, saferooms, basements.
  • Keep Kids and Guests out of areas.
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Access Control

“I’m really happy.  Everything has been very well taken care of.  Thank you.”

Homeowner, Toulca Lake

We are experts in how your Access Control system works and how it looks. Using our IP expertise, we create network-based solutions which blend into the aesthetics of your home, and we can customize our solutions to address the challenges of any property.  We offer access options for pedestrian gates, front drive gates, garage doors, fences, closets and doorways. We can even create unique pass codes for each individual who has access to your property, and our system will email or text you to announce when that person enters or exits.

 Just don’t tell your teenagers that it’s our fault they can no longer sneak-in past curfew.

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