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What is a Central Vacuum System?

A system of inlets, hoses and attachments to allow quick and easy clean-up in any room without the heavy vacuum.

  • Quiet Motors
  • Light-Weight Hoses
  • Convenience Accessories
  • Bare Floor, Carpet & Car Kits
  • Vac-Pans, Under Sink Hoses
  • Central Mop Option
  • Allergy Relief
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Central Vacuum

"Our project required many separate areas of expertise and Interior Technologies ensured that coordination and workmanship was of a high caliber."

Nick Colonna, Homeowner, Palos Verdes

A central vacuum system for your home makes cleaning up quick, quiet and nearly effortless.

With systems like the MD Silentmaster, a Central Vacuum offers solid reliable motors with tons of suction power.

Accessories like strong, durable and lightweight hoses, baseboard suction Vac Pans and Stealth vacuum heads offer flexible, easy-glide convenience.  With MD's central mop option, you'll never cry over spilled anything as you combine vacuuming and mopping into one easy task.

Our central vacuum systems are simple to install, guaranteed and extremely affordable.

Forget clunky upright vacuums that are a pain to haul up stairs and too awkward to clean hard to reach corners and under sofas.  Get Less Noise, Deep Cleaning, Versatility and Cost Savings.

With vacuuming this easy, can you still call it a chore?

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