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What is Low Voltage Wiring?

All of the cabling and connectors needed for your systems to function.

  • In-Wall, Concealed Wiring
  • Phone, Data, Television, Music Wiring
  • Engineering Schematics
  • Wires Labeled & Tested
  • Retrofit/Remodel Wiring Experts
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Low Voltage Wiring

“Interior Technologies is by far the most competent of all vendors that I have dealt with.”

-Don C., Homeowner, Beverly Hills

A structure is only as strong as its foundation, and the same is true of any electronic system.   We know what it takes to pre-wire a home or office, be it new construction or  remodel because our team has the education, training and experience to understand low voltage wiring far beyond the fundamentals of how signals travel.

We are a licensed, low-voltage contractor with in-house engineering ability to design you a wiring infrastructure that is both stable and free from signal interference.  We consider all of your system needs both present and future to safeguard against obselence or the need to completely re-wire to accommodate 'what's next.'

We’ll install the groundwork to make your possibilities endless.

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