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5 Easy Tips for Improved Smart Home Security in 2019

Elevating Your Home’s Security Presence Is Simpler Than Ever

5 Easy Tips for Improved Smart Home Security in 2019

In January 2018, residential burglaries accounted for 45 percent of the total burglaries in Redondo Beach, a 33 percent decrease from the previous year. That’s in part because of the efforts of local homeowners to take their safety seriously and install smart home security systems in their properties.

This year, we want to see even fewer crimes committed against local residents. To get you started on protecting your home, we’ve put together this blog with helpful, easy-to-follow safety and security tips that you can use right now. Find out more below.


Staying Safe Is Simple

You can start your efforts to keep your home safe in 2019 by implementing simple safety tips today. Here are a few ways you can protect your home and property, with and without smart technology.

1. Never leave your doors and windows unlocked when you leave the house.

Burglars prefer easy access to homes. Securing entry points will help deter most criminal behavior.

Not sure if you’ve left a door or window open? Smart sensors like the IQ Door Window-S from Qolsys can send customizable alerts directly to your smartphone or tablet. When paired with smart locks, as well, you can then lock your doors or windows from wherever you might be with an internet connection – whether at home, the office or even from your vacation destination.

2. Don’t talk about your day-to-day routine with strangers.

Potential burglars will try and gather as much information about your habits as possible, so they know the best time to strike. If you’re not familiar with the person you’re talking to, don’t tell them when you’re usually in and out of the house.

If you have an Alarm.com system, your home is never unoccupied. When your system detects your phone has left the geofence of your house and you have armed your alarm system, you can create automated schedules for your home’s smart lighting system to make it appear as if you’re home, even when you’re miles away.

3. Store valuables out-of-sight from open windows.

Many burglaries are crimes of opportunity. If a potential criminal sees your valuables on display from the street, they’re more likely to target your home.

Be sure to store any valuables like jewelry, expensive electronics, and more away from view. That will give strangers fewer reasons to look into your home.

Motorized window treatments like shades, curtains, and blinds can work into your decor and keep your property safe. With one touch or even automatically through schedules, you can lower the treatments and block your home’s interior from view. You can integrate Lutron automated shades with Alarm.com, for example, for a true one-touch smart home security solution.

4. Never leave packages on your doorstep.

Burglars don’t always have to break in to take your valuables. As we come out of the holiday season, don’t let your guard down from “porch pirates,” thieves who target easily accessible packages left by the mail carrier.

You can talk to your local mail carrier to come up with a safer solution. Have the most expensive packages delivered to your workplace. Or have them hold your packages at the post office and arrange to pick them up later. You can even ask a trusted neighbor to pick them up for you.

Additionally, you can take control yourself. With a video doorbell, like the Skybell HD, you can enjoy a direct video feed to your front door every time someone rings the doorbell. Communicate with the delivery person directly and provide instructions. If you have an automated lock installed, you can even open the door for them and lock it as they leave.

5. Talk to your kids about safe practices.

However you want to protect your property, make sure your children know how to stay safe. They’ll likely get home before you and sometimes bring friends along, so make sure they’re aware of the simple rules of safety.

You can even keep track of them with the Alarm.com app. Every time they enter or leave the house, you can receive an automated video alert. Customize their access codes through your smart locks so you know exactly who it is that’s coming and going from your property, when they get home from school, and more.

Combine Controls for Simple Safety

You can start using many of these strategies today, even if you don’t have a smart home security system installed. But if you want to get the most out of your home safety, we can help you build a smart home security system that makes it easy.

Enjoy total control of all your security technology, from smart locks to motorized shades; surveillance cameras to alarms, with one touch when you install an Alarm.com system.


To find out how easy it is to secure your Southern California home with smart security features, give the team at Interior Technologies a call at (310) 944-9269.

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