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How to Select the Right Cameras for Your Home Security System

Choose Home Surveillance Cameras that Offer the Benefits You Need

How to Select the Right Cameras for Your Home Security System

Did you know that just the presence of a home security system can help deter crime? According to a study conducted by the UNC Charlotte Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, 83 percent of potential intruders look for security features – alarms, sensors, and surveillance cameras. When spotted, 60 percent said they would reconsider breaking into the property. When dealing with the remaining 40 percent, it’s essential to have the right home security equipment for protecting your spaces.

When it comes to the home security system for your home in the Los Angeles area, a surveillance camera isn't just a camera. It can be a genuinely powerful tool that can be used to keep your property safe. We at Interior Technologies know there are a variety of home surveillance options available to you here in Southern California – from DIY cameras you can buy off the shelf to custom solutions that we offer which can include high-performance security equipment. In this blog, we highlight some of the significant advantages to using higher-grade home surveillance equipment in your home security system.

Just keep reading to discover the possibilities.


High-Resolution and Night Vision

You may think of traditional surveillance and security cameras that offer grainy, black and white footage. But we at Interior Technologies offer high-grade security camera equipment from Luma Surveillance and Alarm.com. Luma’s IP cameras can deliver image quality up to and beyond 4K resolution with the proper network home infrastructure, while Alarm.com powered cameras can offer custom video alerts in HD sent moments after your cameras capture activity surrounding your home. Whether you're reviewing footage on a computer or streaming directly to your smartphone, with Luma and Alarm.com, you can count on high resolution video playback.

And that’s true for nighttime as well. For example, Luma’s “Starlight” technology capabilities make seeing in the dark easier than ever. With Starlight, Luma cameras automatically adjust the light settings to offer full color at night. Plus, you can rely on traditional IR night vision as well. You can trust that your home surveillance system will remain effective 24 hours a day, no matter when potential threats (or lighting conditions) arise.

Multiple Applications

If you want to truly build an effective home security system, you should know that surveillance cameras should never be a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead of using the same type off-the-shelf camera throughout your property, we offer a vast selection of surveillance cameras that are perfect for a variety of applications throughout your home.

For example, Luma offers surveillance cameras in a plethora of styles – including bullet, turret and dome designs – and features such as motorized lenses, Pan-Tilt-Zoom capability, object auto-tracking and more for both indoor and outdoor applications. Alarm.com, meanwhile, not only offers cameras in a variety of bullet, dome and turret styles, but they also feature video doorbells that include both two-way audio and night vision. To achieve maximum protection throughout your property, it likely will be necessary to include a variety of camera types. This is when working with a home security company is ideal.

When you work with our team of home surveillance experts at Interior Technologies to build your home security system, we take the time to put together a custom design for your system that is optimized for your property’s protection. Even if you want Nest and Ring cameras for your home surveillance setup, we use our expertise to build a versatile camera system that guarantees protection throughout your entire property – both indoors and outside.

Luma IP Surveillance2

On-Site Storage

With a world of technology increasingly reliant on the cloud, you might not want your data – let alone your surveillance footage – to be stored outside your home. In fact, DIY-install cameras rely on the cloud to store data. The fact is cloud storage is less secure, offers lower resolution playback, and can slow other devices since it relies on your home network.

Instead, we at Interior Technologies offer on-site surveillance storage solutions. Luma and Alarm.com’s high-capacity recorders offer local storage for potentially weeks and months of footage from your home surveillance cameras. Luma and Alarm.com recorders store footage on built-in hard drives, keeping footage local to your home instead of exporting it to the cloud.

When you’re ready to check footage, you can play back footage from any camera via Luma or Alarm.com’s own user interface via a computer or smartphone app, which allows you to fast forward, snip video, create screenshots and more with just a click.

Total Home Automation Integration

Most DIY home security cameras are standalone solutions. That means the cameras work independently from other technology in your home. At Interior Technologies, we believe that when technology works together, it's more effective and efficient.

When you opt for an Alarm.com surveillance camera solution, for example, you can manage your entire security system and also other features such as your thermostat and lights from the Alarm.com app. Luma surveillance cameras, meanwhile, easily integrate with Savant home automation solutions. That means you can access your cameras from the same system that also manages your home’s lights, shades, TVs, thermostats, speakers and more. With the ability to control every technology in your house from the same interface, you can enjoy added convenience as you go about your daily lifestyle.


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