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Simplifying the Challenges of an LED Lighting Control System

Interior Technologies Helps You Navigate the Complexities of LEDs

Simplifying the Challenges of an LED Lighting Control System

Lighting is essential to any home, but for years homeowners have settled for subpar or energy-wasting lighting solutions.

Today, there’s a better option. LED lighting is the perfect way to illuminate all your spaces in bright, natural-looking light. Long-lasting LED fixtures can help you save energy and make your home look stunning.

But adding LED lighting to a new-construction or remodeled home also has its fair share of challenges. From choosing the right fixtures to integrating control with a single interface, Interior Technologies can help guide you through some of the confusion surrounding this new and exciting technology.

Want to learn more about how you can get the most out of an LED lighting control system at your Southern California home? Just keep reading.


The Benefits of LED Lights

The LED revolution has begun. Homeowners across the country are adding LED lighting fixtures to their new homes because of the many benefits they offer. Whether you want to go green in your new home or you’d love to enhance the beauty of your spaces, LED technology makes it possible. Here are a few of the great reasons to make the switch:

Beauty: LEDs not only are perfect for brightening a space – perhaps better than incandescent or fluorescent lighting – but they also can simulate natural lighting in an indoor environment. With a tunable white LED lighting control system, you can perfectly set the mood for any room in your house or exquisitely highlight your favorite architectural features throughout your living spaces by seamlessly adjusting any light’s color temperature.    

Longevity: Unlike incandescent bulbs which can age rapidly and burn out within a matter of months, LEDs can last for many years. In fact, when you install dimmers and other smart lighting control technology, you can further that lifespan to decades. That makes them perfect for every area of your home.

Energy Management: LEDs are perfect for going green. Many fixtures are made with biodegradable components, making them essential for indoor and outdoor use. Plus, they use up to 80 percent of the energy used to light them, unlike incandescent lights, which burn off nearly as much. LEDs operate cooler and more efficiently.

Control: LEDs also offer greater levels of control. With the right lighting control system, whether through wall-mounted dimmers and touchscreen panels or even your own smartphone, you can easily dim the lights, adjust the color temperature for a more natural look, create and access customized lighting scenes, and integrate your system with other technology systems around your home.

The Challenges of LEDs

While the idea of adding LED lighting to your new home can be exciting, it can also be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here: to help guide you through the process of designing a system that fits your needs.

For instance, not all LED lighting fixtures will dim properly. Some might require specialized wiring in order to dim. So, not only are you posed with the challenge of selecting the right fixture, but you also must ensure it can integrate with your lighting control system.

Far too often, our team goes into an LED lighting control project only to find out that the walls already have been closed and there are significant obstacles ahead. Many homeowners are being given incorrect or misleading advice. That’s where our team can help.

We can help you select the right LED fixtures and create a placement design throughout your home to create the most beautiful and flexible lighting environment; working hand-in-hand with any third-party electricians during the fixture installation process. We also specify, provide and install the proper lighting control system that not only will be 100 percent compatible with your new LED fixtures but also will be simple and fun for you to use.


We know that adding an LED lighting system to your Southern California home can be confusing. We’re here to make the process easier for you.

Want to find out more about our LED lighting and control solutions for your home? Click here to get in touch with our team today!