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What's the Latest in Savant Home Automation? Find Out Here.

Check Out the Latest Innovations in Savant Home Automation Systems

What's the Latest in Savant Home Automation? Find Out Here.

One of the best features of Savant home automation systems is how easy it is to do simple tasks throughout the day. Thanks to Savant’s sleek, stylish home control options, you can take advantage of your lights, A/V, security, comfort controls and more with just a single touch. Savant allows you to integrate the controls you want for a home automation system that reflects your lifestyle.

Of course, one of the best parts of owning a home automation system is that you can add to it over time; integrating new technologies so that you can always enjoy the latest in smart home innovations. If you have a Savant home automation system or you’re thinking of adding one to your house in the Los Angeles area, you might want to know some of the new and must-have features for your home’s Savant system. In this blog, we highlight some of our favorite recent innovations from Savant.

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Savant Entry System

Few smart home security devices get more use than video doorbells. With smart video doorbells, you can see and speak with who’s at the front door whether you’re on the couch, at work or halfway around the world. But Savant doesn’t offer just any typical video doorbell system. Their Entry Services – part of the latest Savant Pro app update – allows you to do a lot more.

With the release of the 9.0 hardware and software, you can now view what’s going on at the front door via an HD video intercom. The intercom allows you to see and communicate with anyone who approaches your door and monitor what’s going on even if they don’t ring the bell. The system offers unique features, like night vision, motion detection, and cloud video storage.

The best part? You can access your intercom directly from the Savant Pro app. Plus, you can receive push notifications directly to your smartphone or tablet whenever your video doorbell system detects nearby motion.

As part of a Savant system, Entry Services also integrate with other smart home features. This is what makes a Savant video doorbell solution so unique. From the same screen that you answer your video intercom call, you also can unlock the door, turn on the front porch lights or even disarm your alarm system.


New Architectural Speakers and Soundbars

Back in September 2018, Savant announced brand-new Power over Ethernet (PoE) IP-enabled architectural speakers and soundbars for homes. You can enjoy these interior-design friendly and internet-connected speakers as part of your home audio system connected to your Savant setup.

Savant unveiled two types of PoE, IP-enabled architectural speakers in this release. Its main Micro Aperture architectural speaker comes equipped with a built-in amplifier for simple installation. That main speaker also can power additional architectural speakers, including a new satellite IP-enabled companion speaker Savant released with the Micro Aperture series.

Most importantly, though, Savant’s new IP-enabled architectural speakers are interior-design friendly. Just four inches wide, they can sit flush with the ceiling and are available with paintable round or square grilles; allowing them to perfectly blend with your in-ceiling light can fixtures. Since these speakers feature a built-in amplifier and are IP-enabled, you also don’t have to worry about bulky amplifiers or significant amounts of wiring to power your new in-ceiling speakers. Through just a simple installation, you can quickly use Savant’s IP-enabled architectural speakers to enjoy your favorite streaming services or even use them as speakers in your surround sound setup.

With the release of the Micro Aperture architectural speakers, Savant also announced its new IP Soundbar. Featuring six channels and 200 watts of amplification, the soundbar raises the level of audio you can experience in your TV room. Since it’s IP-enabled, too, you can enjoy any audio from any source connected to your Savant system – not just from the TV that’s connected to your soundbar. And, best, of all, its custom grille means it can be built to perfectly match your TV’s dimensions.

Tunable LED Lighting

One of the most exciting upgrades to lighting automation in recent years has been tunable white light. Tunable LED lighting technology allows you to adjust the color temperature of a fixture to conform to your circadian rhythms. Enjoy bright, cool white tones to help you focus in the morning and warm, dim tones in the evening to help you unwind.

Savant now offers its version of the tunable lighting technology to LED light strips. You can enjoy real, tunable light to highlight your favorite artwork, television, or the stairs. Plus, you can enjoy simple control over RGB colors as well, to craft the perfect look. This can perfectly complement Savant’s more traditional tunable LED bulbs, allowing you to create a whole-home tunable lighting system.

TrueImage technology makes it simple to adjust how your lights look via the Savant Pro app on your smart device. Just tap the image of the fixture you want to adjust, and you have the full array of controls at your fingertips. No more wondering which device you’ll affect.


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