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Your Introduction to Smart Home Security: What You Need to Know

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Your Introduction to Smart Home Security: What You Need to Know

Summer has ended here in Southern California, and it will be time to start thinking about the holidays before you know it.

Sure, the holidays are an exciting time – with great food, relaxation time with the family and more – but it also can be a stressful time, too.

You might be leaving your house for days at a time for vacations or could be leaving packages containing expensive gifts unattended at your front door for hours.

If you’re looking for peace of mind this holiday season, our team at Interior Technologies is here to help.

With a custom smart home security solution for your property – with the installation of outdoor security cameras, video doorbells, smart locks, alarms and more – you can keep your property in the Los Angeles area secure and make the most of your time with your family.

What’s smart security, and why should you consider it for your house? This blog will show you.

Just keep reading to learn more.

What is “smart” security?

You’re probably familiar with home security features. Alarms, surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and floodlights are all common to homes across the country.

When all those pieces of technology work together, they can help you even more. And when they can work independently of the end user, they become smart.

Smart technology means your individual systems can talk to one another and function without regular input from you. For instance, perhaps you are away from the house and a package has been left on the front door. If a person comes up to your front door, your floodlights can automatically turn on and your video doorbell can activate, sending you an immediate push notification to your smartphone or tablet to evaluate the situation.

The best part of a smart home security solution? Every component of your system can be controlled and accessed from a single, intuitive interface. That means you can view the security cameras, arm your alarm system, secure doors equipped with smart locks and more, all from the phone you have in your pocket right now.

Alarm.com – a leader in smart security

Of course, just like with any other technology, not all security and surveillance systems are created equal. That’s why use Alarm.com technology for our comprehensive and easy-to-use smart home security system installations.

Alarm.com offers a top-of-the-line integrated security solution, including alarms, surveillance cameras, environmental sensors, smart locks and more. But what really sets them apart is its award-winning app.

From the Alarm.com app, you can control each of your security devices with a few swipes through an intuitive, easy-to-maneuver interface. Receive real-time updates on what’s going on in and around your property. View live surveillance camera footage from any of your cameras on your smartphone or tablet. Remotely close your garage door or alert the authorities directly from the application in the event of an emergency. You can even control other integrated aspects of your smart home through the Alarm.com user interface, such as your thermostat or your lights and shades.

Plus, if you want even more functionality, Alarm.com is compatible with home automation solutions – meaning you can control all the technologies at your property from a single, universal interface.

Our team at Interior Technologies can help by expertly installing an Alarm.com system at your house that is customized to your family’s needs. As an authorized Alarm.com service provider, we have years of experience bringing top-of-the-line smart home security solutions to Los Angeles-area homeowners.


What more can Interior Technologies’ smart home security services do for your family in the Los Angeles area? Plenty!

Just click here to find out how you can begin your home security upgrade with a free, easy, and no-obligation consultation.